Sukawati Traditional Art Market

For many vacationers to Bali, Sukawati traditional art market in Gianyar is a must-visit spot. Located around 20 kilometers from Denpasar, the market offers a myriad of art, craft, clothing and accessories at bargain prices.
While its popularity has begun to fade over the last few years, as large souvenir shops have sprouted up selling similar items, Sukawati market remains an attractive shopping destination.
The market is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. But a morning visit is best. Kiosk owners usually give discounted prices to their first customers, believing that this will open the gateway to luck for the day.
Like others traditional markets, Sukawati’s design and layout is very basic. The two story building is quite gloomy, with narrow alleys packed with kiosks on both sides.
Many of the kiosks sell handicrafts made of wood, bamboo and plastic as well as textiles. Some also sell painting portraying Balinese dancers or the island’s panorama. Local painters living nearby the market produce most of the paintings
There are also kiosks selling wooden statues, masks, Balinese dance costumes and home décor. The market offers a large variety of clothing, T-shirt, bed covers and table cloths, to traditional Balinese songket and endek woven cloth.
Buyers have to be smart and bargain for their favorite pieces which can be found at different prices across the market. One kiosk may be selling a painting for a certain price, while another could have a better price. But do be carful to check the quality of anything that you want to buy before you make that purchase.
People come to Sukawati on their way to various tourist destinations located between Denpasar and Gianyar. Other customers feel good knowing more about the life of local Balinese artisans. Many of the kiosk owners are the artists themselves. We can learn more about their lives and the challenges they face to sell their products. Interaction with local artisans and sellers is one of the interesting parts of visiting Sukawati.
Despite the decreasing volume of business, Sukawati traditional market has always been considered a living memory of the once robust Balinese handicraft industry and proof of the local people’s creativity and artistic talent.