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In Balinese society, tajen are still pros and cons. By some communities in Bali, tajen appertain gambling and gambling is prohibited in Bali of course Indonesia law. Regardless tajen still a communal entertainment hugely popular especially for those who highly fond of this cock fighting.
Tajen, are the Balinese language to a traditional cockfighting in the island. This activity normally performed in an arena was deliberately created by cockfighting enthusiasts.
Tajen came initially from the word “tajian”, because of “Taji” ( a small sharp knife ) are attached to rooster’s legs before it starts fight at cockfighting arena. Then two chickens will scuffled with sharp spurs fastened on one side of leg.
At first, Tajen are part a religious ritual of Balinese Hindu society. This is known as the culture brought by Majapahit era refugees when they fled to the island in the 12th century. Originally, it was part of a purification ceremony called “ Tabuh “ Rah which literally means “ spilling of blood “.
Tabuh Rah, set blood dripped to the earth as a ritual to the Bhuta Kala ( Evil ) in order to get rid of demons and evil spirits. During religious ceremonies, cockfighting consist from three indiciduals fights named “ Tajen Telung Saet “. Is considered sacred due they are part of Bhuta Yadnya rituals. The ceremony involving series of rituals, in which a variety of animals such as chickens, pigs, ducks, buffalo sacrificed and used as a sacrifice, called “ caru “.
This ceremony conducted to regulate human life and the natural in harmony. These days people have changed, it’s just a form of entertainment closely associated with gambling rather than religious activities. This is the most popular game for Balinese man. The strong excitement watching a cock fight and also lots of money betting on fights, that made the strongest form of entertainment among the greatest man. Cockfighting is not just about gabling, there are communal recreational.