Pre-Hindu Customs and Primitive Rituals

The village of Trunyan lies on the rim of the Lake Batur and is only accessible by boat. Due to its isolated position and the secretive nature of its people, this Bali Aga village has retained many of its ancient, animist customs including a traditional and primitive burial ritual.
Unlike the Hindu Balinese, the dead here are not cremated or buried, but placed under cloths then into a bamboo cage to decompose. Despite being in the open air, there is no odour from the dead bodies. The villagers attribute this to the scent of a perfumed tree from which Trunyan takes its name – taru menyan. Once the body has completely decomposed, the skulls and bones are placed on a stone platform or altar where they can be honoured by their descendents.
Tour Itinerary
  • Kintamani – panoramic views of Lake Batur from the rim of an active volcano
  • Trunyan Village – unusual Bali Aga cemetery and village
  • Toya Bungkah – hot springs flow into the cold waters beneath the volcano
  • Bangli coffee plantation – tour plantation workshops then sample the coffee
  • Tegalalang village – known for handcrafts, surrounded by lush rice terraces
Terms & Conditions
  • Entry fees to all temples and sites are not included in the rate.
  • The rate is valid for maximum 6 people per car
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