Home to the Indigenous Bali Aga People

The first known occupants of Bali were a unique ethnic group known to file and blacken their teeth. They lived in clans ruled by a council of elders who also acted as priests. They worshipped the forces of nature and the power of their dead family ancestors. The descendants of these people call themselves Bali Aga, meaning original Balinese.
Tenganan in East Bali is home to the most conservative of the remaining Bali Aga. Ancient traditions are fiercely guarded and the village remains isolated socially and economically from the rest of the island. A stone wall encloses Tenganan with houses arranged in rows on each side of paved avenues. The village operates as a commune in which individual ownership of property is not recognised.
Tour Itinerary
  • Goa Lawah – a Hindu shrine and cave occupied by thousands of bats
  • Tenganan Village – a traditional community and home to the Bali Aga
  • Bukit Jambul – panoramas of rice terraces and coconut palms
  • Pura Besakih – Bali’s ‘Mother Temple’ on the slopes of Mount Agung
  • Sukawati traditional art market – woven baskets, paintings and crafts
Terms & Conditions
  • Entry fees to all temples and sites are not included in the rate.
  • The rate is valid for maximum 6 people per car
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