A Traditional Balinese Village

High in the cool mountains of Bangli Regency is a small hidden village of just 700 or so residents who live their lives much as they did centuries ago. The village name is thought to derive from Pengeling Pura, meaning to remember an ancestor. In former times, Bali’s kings were said to visit here, as the beautiful environment was peaceful and inspirational. Historical records also suggest that the name meant ‘entertainer’, another attraction for the royal families.
The village is a rare find due to the style of it’s architecture – long tidy rows of houses lie opposite each other. They are small but tall with thatched roofs and are orientated towards the northeast and mighty Mount Agung. Each house is equal in size and form and each is approached through a traditional entrance gate. The village is also known for its 75-hectare bamboo forest, which is cared for by a community whose philosophy is dedicated to respecting the land.
Tour Itinerary
  • Sidan – spectacular views over emerald green rice terraces
  • Pura Kehen – the Temple of Fire in the foothills of Bangli Regency
  • Penglipuran – Balinese traditional life beside a bamboo forest
  • Kintamani – panoramic views of Lake Batur from the rim of an active volcano
  • Ubud art market – a riot of arts and crafts both traditional and modern
Terms & Conditions
  • Entry fees to all temples and sites are not included in the rate.
  • The rate is valid for maximum 6 people per car
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