Water Sport at Nusa Dua

Dive Walker
Exploring the beauty of the underwater world for 30 minutes, it shows you the real adventure in your life. Special helmet and supply with pure oxygen in 8 meters depth will take you to discovery a mystery of the underwater world. Professional divers will guide you and your safety is their first priority. The best part is you do not have to know how to swim, because all you have to do is take a breath as normally s usually. It is really easy and especially for couples, shares your eternity love in the romantic way through the underwater world.
Standing on white sand, feeling as you have a wing the suddenly you are in the air free as birds. Take a look to the horizon and enjoy the panorama of Bali right under your feet. Feel your sense of a freedom, release all your emotion and forget everything. Screaming, crying, laughing and be yourself for a moment. This is the highest value to full fill your soul with the energy of universe. Do not miss this chance or your will regret it for the rest of your life.
Banana Boat
Team work balance and coordination among their passengers completely the point of this game. Shaking, swinging and splashing water on your face when banana hits the water can bring the happiness to every members of your group. Share your unforgettable memory with join this activity.
Jet Ski
Speed, acceleration and a balance to control your emotion, it will show your identity. 700cc power machine and support with new equipments will take you to enjoy the real water sport. Expert instructors are available as your request, but you can ride it with or without them as your wish. So let satisfy your desire and ride it as proud as a winner in your life.
Fly Fish
This thing will go up for almost 5 meters when you are in it. All you have to do lay down on your back and do not make unnecessary movement. The instructors will companion to balance this thing and make sure your safety. Couples minutes on the air it is enough to refresh your soul and be a new human.

Glass Bottom Boat
 A private journey with the glass in the bottom of boat will take you to enjoy the beautiful panorama around Nusa Dua area. It combines with the scenery of the underwater world and fishes from the glass of your boat. Do not miss this great opportunity to complete your holiday in Bali.
Turtle Island Tour
A conservation place for turtles and other animal as one of your destination and it will take 15 minutes with a private boat trough the calm water. Complete your holiday with one of life time experience to see and touch a big turtle. You can combine it with snorkeling during your trip to a turtle island. One and a half hour will be the best time for you and your family. Be a part of this program and please keep and safe a turtle a life for our next generation.
Surround with fishes and clear water while swims in the open sea, you will feel a sensation as a part of it. Masker, fin and snorkel are available to accommodate your experience. Let us see how deep you can go and increase your swim ability in the harmony of the nature. This is a surface activity for someone who wants to explore the underwater world from the distance

Wake Board
Standing on the water, rumbling machine of the boat and splashing water on your feet will increase your adrenalin. This is a glorious moment for someone who is looking for the high value in their life. Expert instructors will help and guide you to reach your deepest desire in conquer this challenge. Dances and moves your body as a professional dancer along a coast.