Jatiluwih, the green Bali Trip

Jatiluwih is the most recommended place in your Bali trip, situated in Tabanan Regency, in a hidden gem of Bali. The area is known as the biggest rice producer in Bali and most of red rice in Bali comes from here. Nominated as a UNESCO world heritage site, Jatiluwih offers stunning panoramas of endless much better than this. Hopefully the natural beauty here will remain unspoiled as, reliable sources tell me, the government has forbidden the construction of hotels and resorts in the area.
If admiring the beautiful vistas is not enough, you can take a walk along the pathways amidst the rice fields. Get a closer look at one of the most impressive waterways in Bali, an irrigation system that has existed since ancient times, when it was referred to as Subak. If hunger pangs kick in, convenient little warung (food stalls) line the roadside and are an excellent sport to snack on some hot banana fritters whilst breathing in the fresh air and stunning scenery.