Parade in Bali trip

Nyepi has got to be one of the most special times in Bali and must one of your Bali trip program. A day where you simply have to stay home or book into a hotel. It is why Bali is so unique, the only place that completely shuts down, forcing you to stop your routine and spend some time with loved ones or tucked away with a good book. A time for reflection and silence, something we don’t often get the opportunity to do. One of my favorite ogoh-ogoh parades on the eve of Nyepi is at the Pantai Seseh junction where Ogoh-Ogoh in various shapes and sizes are paraded up and down the streets providing a spectacular display. The other big parades on this side of the island that attract a large audience are in Seminyak and Kuta. Do ensure that you are parked well out of the way as streets are closed to traffic to give way to the parades.
There are many Nyepi packages available which range from a few hundred thousand rupiah to a few million. Usually, Nyepi packages are only valid for domestic, Kitas and Kitap holders. Again for any Nyepi package, do book as early as you can as they do get booked out as many people suddenly realize that, unless they do book something they will find themselves stuck at home. A great option in my opinion but Nyepi is always an excuse to splash out and enjoy one of the island’s beautiful resorts with these special packages.