Baris Dance in Bali Trip

Baris dance is recommended dance that you have to put in your Bali trip program. Baris means troops and the Baris Dance is an artistic way to show the responsive movement of army troops. The accompanying traditional orchestra, who play Gong Kebyar and Gong Gede, intensifies the dance. The dancers come out to the stage with straight shoulders and the firm steps, making strong, serious sounds. The dancers look like warriors going for war, but actually the dance is about welcoming God and ancestors who come down to Earth at that moment.

The dance can be performed by one male dancers or by a group of eight to forty men, depending on the type of the Baris Dance performed. The dancers of Baris Tunggal wear long sleeve red tops made from velvet, which are embellished with glistening, glittery ornaments. Very different fro the dancers of Baris Gede who wear a traditional “war” wardrobe with white tops and traditional trousers, with an ornament on the chest and back and also ahead ornament. But the costume that the dancers wear differ depending on which regency of Bali the Baris Dance comes from because almost all regencies in Bali have their specific signature Baris dance. For example the Baris dance at the beginning of a cremation ceremony in Badung Regency, the dancers are wearing black and white checked spears. While the Baris dancers from Jembranan Regency are wearing bright red clothing and carying spears with red ornaments. 

Tari Baris is considered a sacral dance, it is not only performed at a cremation ceremony but also for a temple anniversary ceremony or some holy celebrations because it is believed that during those ceremonies, God, Goddess and the ancestors come down to the Earth to give their blessings. So the dance is dedicated for them in order to welcome them, to entertain and also as a symbol of gratitude. However, the Baris Tunggal is now commercialized, so we can watch it being gracefully performed on stage.