Ubud in Bali Tour

Located at the very center of Bali, Ubud is famous worldwide for being the cultural and artistic center of the island and must in your Bali trip.

Ubud is a quiet village with a refreshingly cooler temperature and atmosphere. Some travelers go to Ubud to escape from the Kuta’s effervescence, some to quench their thirst for art, some for shopping and sightseeing, some to make the village their starting point of their journey in Bali, and some for all those reasons together.
Considered by many to be the cultural center of Bali, Ubud is home to some of Bali's best craftsmen, museums and art galleries. Collectors from aroun the world travel to Ubud to find artistic treasures to add to their collections. In addition, there are nightly dance perfomances in various palaces and temples throughout the region. 

Somehow, Ubud has always been a beacon of art and knowledge in Bali: “Ubud” means “medicine” and was first famous for medicinal plants. At the end of the 19th century, it became the hometown of feudal lords pledging allegiance to the king of Gianyar. Very fond of art, the Balinese nobility was in fact the 1st group of people to help develop and promote Ubud as an artistic center. In the 1930’s, Walter Spies, the famous painter, was probably the 1st European visitor to help put Ubud on the map of contemporary art, attracting celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin, H.G. Wells, or Gregory Bateson. If you wish to take further your discovery of that golden era, the Neka Museum displays a collection of 1930’s paintings and sculptures of great interest.

Aside from all his cultural attraction, Ubud offers many opportunities to treat your body as well as your mind: Thermal cures, massage, yoga, spa, etc. You should find the best accommodations to treat yourself with some of the best pampering services on the island. Many boutique hotels may be found in the area, which tends to be cooler during the days and vibrant with Balinese culture year-around.