Dolphins in Lovina

If you really feel the South part of the island has become too touristic, or you just want to make a break from all that party time in Kuta, Lovina is a good place to enjoy life in Bali at a peaceful pace, must add in your Bali trip program. It is also much cheaper than the south of the island.

Unlike other beaches of the island, Lovina Beach is safe for swimming and snorkeling, which makes it a perfectly safe spot for children and adults alike. No surfers.

The region also reflects this same peaceful atmosphere: An almost untouched nature offer spectacular postcards moments of waterfall, rain forests, tobacco and rice fields. Local communities seem to have kept the same life style as centuries ago.

Early morning is a very special time with mist-covered rice field and fishermen going about their daily routine. You should definitely wake up right before sunrise to go see the dolphins on one a fisherman’s boat. Accommodations can be easily found for a very reasonable price.

How to get there
Around 90 km from Denpasar, Lovina is located on the north shore of Bali. A good way to go there is through Bedugul and the Beratan lake. You will then climb up the mountains through the rainforest, waterfalls. You can make a stop for a majestic view over the twin lakes of Tambligan and Buyan.