Agrotourism in Bali Trip

Agrotourism recommended to visit during your Bali Trip, this places mostly in the north village or one hour trip from Denpasar. Coffee and rice are two of important commodity in Bali.

Experience how balinese naturally roasting coffee bean for local balinese drink. Historically, Bali coffee is the combination of Arabica and Robusta which is brought Dutch in colonials era. Enjoy the farm with numbers of different local herbs, spices likes cinnamon, cardamon and plenty others, tropical fruits, coffee, cocoa, coconut plants which is concerned to be grow organicly. If you are a coffee addict, you will taste the difference, taste their real balinese beverages such as bali coffee, hot chocolate, herbal tea of gingger, lemongras lemon, cardamon stirred with cardamon.

What make you surprised to experience the great local mocca and luwak coffee. Especially luwak coffee which is concern as the rares and most expensive coffee could be found here and you could sampling them for free.

Luwak is the Asian Palm Civet eats only the prime coffee cherries chosen by itself, intact, ripe and clean.The coffee cherries eaten by the Luwak passes its digestive tract with its natural fermentation In processing the Luwak coffee.Applied standard sanitation and hygiene but preserved its natural, exotic and aroma. Chosing the Arabica variaty of Kintamani coffee makes Luwak coffee the preferred and prime choice of coffee lovers around the world. The really enjoy the superb, exotic taste and aroma.