Pura Maospahit

Most imptortant at Denpasar from an archaeologist's viewpoint is the Pura Maospahit, near the west and of Pasar Street. The pura's entrance must be reached from a side street. (The compound is backed on to a mahor road. Recent changes in street names and numbers reserved, the address is no 3 Jalan Tabanan).

The name Maospahit recalls the famous East Jabanese Mahapahit (alternatively Maospahit) Empire. Some of the temple's earliest parts may date from that period, but the name may also refer to Batara Maospahit, representative of the modern Balinese's ancestors who introduced Majapahit civilization to Bali. After Woeld War II the Archaeological Service gave the pura the benefit of the doubt and restored some of the earl buildings. The remains of an old brick gateway were heavily damaged by the fatal 1917  earthquake, causing the loss of most of its decoration : a giant and  a garuda (mythological bird) in relief. They were recently reconstructed. The gateway's construction resembles a split-gate, but originally may have supported either some connecting element or a roof. The previously restored buildings are in the backyard. Some interesting terra cotta statuettes are placed beside the entrance of one of these.