Denpasar City

Denpasar is a capital city of Bali province since 1960 and it was as the royal capital of Badung that control the southern part of Bali from the end of 18th century until conquered by the Dutch in 1906. Denpasar region cover Badung regency but once it is performed as municipality (now is a city), it’s region left a half. Denpasar is a center of Bali’s governmental official business where Bali’s Governor Office is located and other offices including private sectors such as telecommunication, post office, bank, airline, and hospital. This city also provide many places of interest that you can visit it within a day due to location are close by.


The word of Denpasar means 'in the north of market' is a simple word in it development having quite rapid, especially when the bombing of tourism industry in Bali around year 1960. Denpasar is now fairly dense of population with approximately 621,895 people. Before the malls or shopping centers are established, Gajah Mada Street as a main street in this city is appointed as a shopping center. At the end of this road, exactly in the middle of intersection built a beautiful statue with four faces that is well known as Catur Muka by overseeing four cardinal directions those are north, south, west and east. This statue is made in 1972 and the construction of this statue is to commemorate the Badung war on 20 September 1906 that is now well known as 'Puputan Badung'.

Other Places of Interest

The square garden located in south of Catur Muka Statue is called Puputan Badung Courtyard where the King of Badung with his people done fighting to the death against the Dutch colonial. In the north of Puputan Badung Courtyard had majestically stand up the Jaya Sabha Office where this place is used by Bali’s Governor to welcome the important guests for dinner with culture shows or night cultures with the best traditional dances. It is a part of promotion efforts to keep the image of Bali with rich of local cultures. In east of Puputan Badung Square, there is a beautiful Hindu Temple founded in 1968 that is called Jaganatha Temple. This temple is a public temple to worship Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (god) particularly on full moon that the Hindu people in Denpasar city come together for praying. In the south of this temple, there is Bali Museum founded in 1931 by an architect of Curt Grundler. Its architecture is a combination between temple and royal palace. This museum is collecting the art objects or artifacts from prehistoric and modern era.

The places of interest in Denpasar City appointed as tourist destination are Bajra Sandhi, Bali Art Center, Badung Traditional Market, Bali Museum and Jaganatha Temple. These tourism objects are well established on the tour itinerary of daily Denpasar tour program.